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Jupiter 57 Singapore

At JUPITER 57 we are proud to offer the widest selection of Italian Confectioneries produced by skillful artisans & master pâtissiers.


As every product is crafted with the utmost care & skill, customers will discover the exclusive “artisan taste”.


On offer we have a wide range of articles, refined, elegant wrappings & during the Holiday Seasons don’t miss out on our Panettoni, Pandori, Torroni, Amarettoni, Marron Glacés & Cantuccini !

        Borsari Panettone Singapore     Breramilano Cova Panettone Singapore      Scar Pier Panettone Singapore      Muzzi Singapore    
         Molecola Singapore      Bedetti Singapore       Comincioli Olive Oil Singapore        Timperio Singapore    
        Amaretti Virginia Singapore     Marabotto Singapore        Fiasconaro Panettone Singapore      Scarpato Panettone Singapore    
        Bonajuto Modica Chocolate Singapore     Majani Chocolate Singapore      
Tassoni Cedrata Singapore


Agrestis Singapore

Jupiter 57 Singapore

Our brands (Borsari, Breramilano, Muzzi, Scar Pier, Bedetti, Marabotto, Virginia, Scarpato, Comincioli, Fiasconaro, Bonajuto, Majani, Tassoni) are among the most prestigious Italian brands in the industry.


Together, we aim to promote longstanding Italian food traditions for all cultures to enjoy.  

Jupiter 57

Showroom @ 40 Carpenter St, Singapore 059919

Telephone: +65 9137 6564

(by appointment only - please contact us)

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Jupiter 57 Singapore

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