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Jupiter 57 is proud to introduce the iconic Tassoni brand in Singapore.


Cedral Tassoni, an all-Italian family business founded in 1793 in Salò near Lake Garda, is the symbol of timeless quality thanks to a controlled supply chain, the ability to look to the future while valuing the past, and impeccable taste. 

Experience the iconic Cedrata Soda "ready in its ideal dose", in the famous clear glass bottle with a citrus peel, a design gem for the ages!

Cedar appeared on the shores of Lake Garda, along with other citrus trees, around the fourteenth century through the work of the Franciscan monks, and right here, at the 46th parallel north, are the ideal growing conditions and a breeding ground for the origins of a tradition: apothecaries who distil the peel, enhancing its features. 

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