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Spirito Cocktails offers a line of pre-mixed artisan cocktails in single-portion envelopes, ready to drink by adding ice. Spirito invented the innovative 'envelope-tear' concept.



This solution is perfectly suited for food service in hotels/resorts, airplanes, cruises, trains, chartering companies, events and corporate gifting throughout the year.



Our single-portion 100ml packs means you know exactly what you consume with zero wastage; there is less space occupied by inconvenient bottles; you have quicker drink preparation times and staff training is no hassle.


What makes each of our cocktails unique is the careful research and selection of the best natural ingredients and artisanal spirits. Spirits do not come from industrial processes or bottles. They are produced in small traditional distilleries characterized by artisanal processing methods to guarantee superior quality distillates.


Mixed in Italy in a family-run liqueur factory with more than 40 years of history, all the recipes are balanced by a professional mixologist with decades of experience, which transforms each drink into an aromatic masterpiece.

Pre-Mixed Cocktails in Singapore

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