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Jupiter 57 is proud to introduce the legendary Di Martino Gragnano pasta brand in Singapore.


Founded in 1912 by Giuseppe Di Martino, Pastificio Di Martino has 100+ years of experience, passion for research and craftsmanship. The insights and innovations make us a point of reference in the world of Gragnano pasta.


Gragnano is the birthplace of the best dried pasta in Italy. Located near the extraordinary Sorrento Coast, surrounded by Lattari Mountains and characterized by the mild climate and the presence of sea breeze, this ancient city benefits from particularly ideal conditions for the production of dry pasta.

In 2013, Gragnano pasta was designated a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union.


Jupiter 57 Singapore

Dolce & Gabbana + Di Martino

In 2017, Dolce & Gabbana  signed the new look of Di Martino pasta.

A Special Edition celebrating the Italian excellence through the colors, symbols and monuments identifying the Country. The new packs have become real postcards from Italy, to enliven and scent tables worldwide thanks to their lively Mediterranean design.


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